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Helpful Educational Links ACT Student Website Students who are planning to further their education beyond high school should become familiar with this website. Increased ACT scores typically help students secure more academic scholarships than students who have lower than average or average ACT scores. This website provides practice questions for the ACT and offers wonderful test-taking strategies. Please Note: There is a portion of the website that is only available to use with a purchased username and password; it gives students the opportunity to take full-length practice tests that will be automatically scored. The cost of the use of this site may be minimal compared to the tuition savings from more substantial scholarships that students can earn with the Test Prep. Accelerated Reader Book Finder This website is designed to be a quick way for students, teachers or parents to find books at a student's specific Instructional Reading Level. Use the Advanced Search to find books within a certain reading level on topics that are of a specific interest to individuals.

Google Science Fair 2012 - CLICK HERE

Free Rice - Free Rice is a site sponsored by the Yum! Corporation- they own/are affiliated with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, and PepsiCo among others. Rice is donated by Yum! to end world hunger for every correct answer a person gets on this website!

  • Great aspects of this site include:
  • -English Vocabulary Development & Practice
  • -English Grammar Development & Practice
  • -Practice for other educational domains
  • This website has great features like:
  • -immediate feedback for students
  • -recycling of missed questions
  • -watching their success grow (in the form of a pile of rice)
  • -excitement about helping others Root Words, Prefix and Suffix Chart Many students need additional practice with word part knowledge, and this site offers an extensive chart that breaks down the roots, prefixes, and suffixes of words in the English language. In addition, it provides a definition of each word part along with examples of how they are used to form words. Links on this page can take you to a place to practice your knowledge with a quick game to see how much you know about words! Renaissance Home Connect This link is an extension of our Renaissance Place website that allows students and/or parents an opportunity to track student progress in the following areas: Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math, and Math Facts in a Flash. Students and parents can sign up for different types of automatic alerts when a student reaches benchmarks in each of these areas. Spark Notes Literature This is the 21st century, updated version of Cliff's Notes.  Offering a number of popular books, Spark Notes provides students support with important aspects of a text including brief summaries, character descriptions, shortened versions of the plot, and even a short multiple choice quiz. This is very helpful for parents who need to be able to help their children at home with a story. Students should be cautious with their use of this website and others like it since it does not provide detailed information about the stories. There is no substitute for reading an assigned book; however, this website is helpful for students who are reading the book but struggling to understand it. Tagxedo This website at first glance is really interesting. People can create a tagxedo by entering different words; adjusting font, color, size, and other settings; and respinning the design until they find the best fit for the task at hand. This even let's technologically savvy folks upload their own photos to use as one of the layout options!   Students could use this with any subject to enliven their vocabulary words or other important pieces of information!
This website offers a wide variety of science-related simulations that support science teachers' content in the classroom. The simulations are interactive and are sorted by grade level or subject.
The Student Zone, Games & Puzzles, and Science Cinema sections all offer a wide variety a engaging activities to enrich students' understanding of science and math concepts.